Flagship LMS is a veteran-owned company that provides dependable, affordable learning management systems to businesses, universities, non-profits, and community organizations. With Flagship LMS you can easily align your training with your organization’s strategic goals and objectives. A wide variety of options such as competency frameworks, H5P content, xAPI, SCORM, and integrated web conferencing ensures that your training is targeted at the specific needs of each learner. No more one-size-fits-all training!


A Champion LMS

Moodle is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the LMS world. It has been around for 15 years, has more than 89,000 registered sites from 234 countries, and boasts 480,525,371 users. Very few other learning management systems can match Moodle’s longevity and user base, so you can be sure that your platform is stable, reliable, and trustworthy. And because it comes with a responsive theme and a native app, users can access your training easily on any screen and it will always look good.

Diamond Service

So here’s our promise to you: When you sign a contract with our company, our CEO will personally give you his cell phone number. If at any time day or night you feel that the team supporting you is not doing their job or that you are not getting the level of service that you paid for, call that number. Our CEO will see to it himself that your problem is resolved immediately. Here’s the bottom line: we’re not interested in selling you a learning management system just so we can make a buck. We genuinely want your organization to have the best training program possible, and we are all-in to help you do that. We’ve been on your side of the implementation many times, and it is our two-fold mission to give you a problem-free LMS and to treat you now exactly the way we wanted to be treated then.

Reliable Reports

It’s a training department truism: if you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen. That’s why it seems strange that so many learning management systems have mediocre reporting features. If you can’t get accurate data out of your system, what is the point of having it at all?

Fortunately, with Flagship LMS, accurate reporting is what we do best. Each one of our platforms comes equipped with an Intelliboard dashboard to help you get deeper insight into your training data. You’ll get 95+ standard reports, unlimited custom reports, and a dashboard for each of your users. Watch the video below to get an overview of your new training best friend.

Meet Our Team

Client Services Manager

The Client Services Manager (or
CSM) will be handling the
largest portion of your


Project Manager

Your certified Project
Management Professional (PMP)
is the glue that holds your
implementation together.


Technical Services Manager

The technical services manager is
the person responsible for dishing
up whatever you require of that
alphabet soup.


Graphic Designer

We are going to give you your very
own graphic designer to help brand
your site so that it looks like your


Instructional Designer

At the end of the day, an LMS is
only as good as the training you
put on it.


No Matter What Size Your Organization, We Have a Training Solution That is Perfect For You.

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