We Solve All Your Moodle Problems

Don’t spend hours every day reading Moodle documentation and conducting trial-and-error experimentation. Deliver high quality training AND get your time back.

Well-trained Learners and Satisfied Executives

Extra Hours Every Day to Focus on Your Primary Job

Freedom from Learning Management Stress

You Know You Need to Delegate Your Moodle LMS Responsibilities When…


You waste valuable time on LMS tasks that are not part of your core competencies


You don't have accurate training data when you need it most


Your leadership team is frustrated because the LMS can't prove its ROI


Platform errors and downtime are damaging your reputation


Learners are frustrated because they can't complete training


Your LMS vendor doesn't act like a partner and isn't helping you to succeed

We believe that you deserve a stress-free, “100%-done-for-you” Moodle LMS experience.

You should work with us because Moodle is all we do

We understand your problems because we have also been LMS administrators, online instructors, and training team members.

You can trust us because each of our staff members has a decade+ of Moodle experience, and we have helped more than 60 companies worldwide make sense of their LMS.

Trusted by leading companies

Rock Solid Hosting, Responsive Front-end Administration, and Engaging Course Design… All Done for You

Nobody should have to experience the frustration of trying to figure out how to make their Moodle LMS work for them when dozens of other tasks that are directly related to their job description are piling up on their desk.

We provide a “100% Done for you” Moodle learning management package that includes AWS hosting, server maintenance and monitoring, and complete front-end administration and course design. Or you can choose just the services you want.

Offload your LMS stress on us and get back to the tasks that take up the bulk of your day. We’ll even attend your training meetings so we can stay completely up-to-date on all your L&D initiatives. Our service is truly wave-your-magic-wand-and-it’s-done impressive.

3 Simple Steps to a Stress-free LMS Experience

High quality training, delivered painlessly, starts with a Zoom call.

1. Schedule a Call with Us

Tell us all the pain points you are currently experiencing and we’ll listen carefully and take copious notes.

2. We'll Create a Custom Plan

Based on everything you described in the call, we will put together a custom plan to remove your LMS pain.

3. We Will Execute the Plan

We’ll ensure that your LMS runs smoothly and efficiently, so you can work on your other tasks free from stress.

We provide a “100% Done for You” Moodle Learning Management Experience

We’ll handle the LMS, you handle everything else.

A Hassle-free LMS

Maximum uptime, accurate reports, responsive design, tons of APIs, custom roles and permissions. Smooth as silk.

Efficient Training

Gorgeous, interactive HTML5 content, multimedia rich collaborative activities, and SCORM ready.

Extra Hours in Your Day

We’ll complete all of your LMS tasks on time and correctly, while you focus on your primary job.

Freedom From Stress

Need reliable hosting? We do that. Front-end admin? Got you covered. Course design? Just stand back.

Experience the Transformation

No more frustration from doing all of your regular work while also trying to learn the LMS administrator job.

Put all your time and effort into the tasks you do best and leave Moodle to us.


Christopher’s contribution to our school was invaluable. Without his technical expertise and creative problem solving, I cannot honestly say we would have got off the ground as quickly as we did.

Joshua Y.

Center Manager and Director of Online Courses

Chris communicates in a clear, easy to understand manner and is an expert! I will definitely be hiring Chris again and recommending him to any who need an LMS expert. I appreciate when you are getting technical advice and are not upsold or pushed to “their favorite product.” Chris was honest and unbiased, what a treat. I also appreciated how he gave me clear understanding to technical terms and industry standards.

Dain W.

Lead Trainer

Christopher delivered excellent work. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were strong. Christopher proposed innovative solutions which we are going to implement, and overall went an extra mile to make me as a client extremely satisfied.

Rita S.


I want to thank your team members for a high level of support and assistance with my first two courses with the support of Flagship. I was able to complete a video course with Antonio earlier in the week, and with the exception of adding a brief set of directions, my MTSS course, which was a heavy lift maneuvering through Moodle (for me), is now complete with a great deal of assistance from Jaswinder. Jaswinder was able to make the vision in my head come to fruition with the tools in Moodle, something I could not have accomplished on my own. Both courses were finished ahead of schedule. With my “allergy” to all things Moodle, I compliment the work and patience from both Antonio and Jaswinder.

Judith P.

Director, Education Services

We were experiencing an urgent technical issue with our Moodle LMS platform this week, and Christopher Dundy and Veeresh Gadad from Flagship LMS came to the rescue. I cannot thank them enough for finding a solution! Both were well-versed in the platform, professional, and easy to work with. I highly recommend Flagship LMS if you are looking for tech support for your Moodle LMS platform!!!!

Kim P.

Executive Director

What you get

  • Flat-fee, “all-in” pricing, including data migration and implementation services
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited content storage
  • High availability AWS cloud architecture
  • Custom branding
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Unlimited standard and custom reports
  • Unlimited training hours for your admins
  • We attend your weekly training meetings as part of the admin package

You get all this, plus the confidence your Moodle stress is behind you when you purchase from FLAGSHIP LMS today!

We have Moodle solutions to fit your every need. Here are just a few:

Download a Course Design Primer for LMS Administrators… Free!

It takes a lot more than just eye-catching content to make an e-learning course truly great. There needs to be a well-defined structure in place that illustrates exactly what learners will have to know or do in order to mark their progress and achieve mastery of the content.

LMS administrators need to understand how great courses are built because they often act as the communication hub between all of the LMS stakeholders, as well as a trusted resource for checking the quality of the final product.

This primer will clearly and succinctly describe everything an LMS administrator needs to know to ensure that only the finest content is approved for their platform. 

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