Discovery is Where Our Relationship Starts

We want a long-term relationship with our customers in which both parties are comfortable and confident, so you can rest assured that we will not sell you an LMS if we aren’t 100% certain that it will meet your needs.

For every inquiry about our platform, a professional from our staff will set up a video conference to discuss your organization and its specific training requirements. This call could take up to an hour, during which time we’ll listen carefully while you tell us what you hope to achieve with your new LMS. We’ll ask questions about your end-users and their degree of comfort with technology. We’ll ask about your training goals and the type of content and methods you use to achieve those goals. We’ll ask about what feedback you’ll need from the system to satisfy you that your goals and objectives are being met, and what metrics you’ll use to be certain you are getting a good return on your LMS investment. Don’t worry if you don’t have answers for all of these questions just yet. That’s what we are here for. We understand that your training requirements are complex and may even conflict. Our job is to help you tease out the nuances of each requirement and then offer a solution that gets you where you want to be. Yes, technically it’s a needs analysis meeting, but it will feel more like a conversation between two good friends. We’ll even offer to record this call and send you a copy so that you have something to review later with your team. We know what we are talking about and we stand by everything we say.

Demo of Your Use-Case Scenarios

After our first video call, we’ll work with you to come up with some use-case scenarios that are specific to your organization, and then we’ll demonstrate how your platform would function in each of those cases using your own data (if you would like) or our test data. Either way, you will see exactly how our platform can help you achieve your training goals. Of course, we’ll record this demonstration for you, as well, for later review. We are confident in our ability to design a solution that meets your training needs.

Test Drive Your Platform

Finally, we’ll let you test drive the same LMS that you saw in the demonstration free of charge for thirty days. Ask us any questions you like during that time. We are happy to help.

No Matter What Size Your Organization, We Have a Training Solution That is Perfect For You.

Request a product demonstration today and see why we’re your best choice for learning management support!