No matter what LMS you use, Flagship LMS can provide you with implementation support and assistance. We will gladly work with you to determine your needs and set a trajectory that ensures your training remains in alignment with your strategic goals and objectives. We provide consulting for any and all phases of implementation, as detailed in Our Process, but modified to meet your specific needs.

Flagship LMS has experts who can work with you on an individual or team basis. Our experienced client services managers (CSM) are experts in the five areas of LMS concern (standards, taxonomy, configuration management, housekeeping, and governance). Our project managers can help ensure your LMS is implemented flawlessly. Our technical services managers can assist you with a wide range of technical needs, such as course and data migration and user acceptance testing. Our graphic designers can provide everything you need to make your LMS stunning. And finally, our instructional designers can help you optimize your materials so that your learners get the best educational experience possible.

If you are in the Discovery Phase, Flagship LMS can help you determine training requirements, establish training goals, and determine the content and methods that will best achieve those goals. If you are in the Planning Phase, we can work with you to ensure your system aligns with your needs, is easy for end-users to navigate, and provides relevant content and useful analytics. If you are up to Configuration and Implementation, we can help you brand your site, integrate the LMS with your organization’s existing productivity software such as MS Office or Google Suite, train your administrators, set up your analytics, and develop the instructional materials you need to familiarize your end-users with your new LMS platform. If you’re in the Course and Data Migration phase, we can assist you to bring previously developed data into your new LMS.

Ready to go live? Flagship LMS can ensure you are ready to launch through user acceptance testing. Consulting ensures Flagship LMS experts are there to make any necessary adjustments before your system goes live. And our consulting doesn’t have to end there. If you are in the Post Implementation Phase, our experts can ensure continued smooth sailing, whether that means answering questions, making adjustments, or providing additional training.

Learning management systems are expensive investments. Flagship LMS can help you optimize this investment by ensuring you have the necessary operations and governance measures in place so your system is easy for end-users to navigate and provides highly relevant content and useful analytics.

In LMS Management, there are five major areas of concern: standards, taxonomy, configuration management, housekeeping, and governance. And Flagship LMS has experts in each of these areas, ready to assist you as needed!

LMS Management Standards refers to policies, procedures, guidelines, conventions, and criteria, related to course properties and structures. Flagship LMS can help you develop the policies you need. We can also assist with procedures, working with you to establish the steps that administrators and content sponsors need to follow when interacting with the LMS. Procedures may include requesting a new learning program, updating/deactivating a learning program, adding or inactivating a user, assigning enhanced permissions to a user, and so forth. We can help you support these procedures by establishing online request forms, workflows, step-by-step instructions, and so on. And we can help you establish guidelines, conventions, and standards for course properties.

Flagship LMS can assist you with taxonomy by working with you to develop an LMS catalog structure and metadata tags. Our experts can also assist you with configuration management to establish configuration settings. Flagship LMS can also be your Cinderella to ensure you are prepared for housekeeping, those necessary chores that include data inventories, deactivating user accounts for former employees, archiving courses, establishing configuration changes, and so on. Governance refers to the hierarchical structure that your organization should have in place to ensure your LMS is helping you accomplish your long-term objectives. If the LMS were a ship, governance refers to the people and procedures that keep it functioning and on course.

Addressing change management is also key to successful LMS Management. Not all of your end users may be amenable to a new way of managing training, especially if you are adopting unfamiliar software. Flagship LMS can help you lessen (and maybe avoid altogether!) their resistance to change.

Whatever your LMS provider and wherever you are in the process of acquiring a platform (from budding interest through implementation), Flagship LMS can provide the technical support you need to develop, maintain, problem-solve, or adjust your LMS. Our experts can assist with site set-up and configuration, theme configuration, course design and creation, site maintenance, data migration, daily administrative tasks, updates and upgrades, custom login pages or theme changes, troubleshooting, and so on. Flagship LMS has all the experts you need to provide you with technical support at any point in the LMS adoption process.

Flagship LMS has instructional designers who are experts in areas of course design and development, and are available to ensure that the elements of good andragogy are in place. Andragogy refers to the methods and principles used in adult education, and these considerations are essential to creating successful online education and training. As Flagship LMS instructional designers are fluent in the latest advancements in andragogy and learning theory, they can assist you to evaluate your training and recommend techniques for its optimization.

Flagship LMS instructional designers can assist with developing terminal learning objectives (what students should be able to do at the end of the course that they couldn’t do at the beginning), enabling learning objectives (the things students need to do to reach the terminal learning objective), assessments (how you know the student has learned), and course materials (the tools you use to convey information). Instructional designers can also assist with determining the best way to motivate learners. This is where the principles of andragogy are especially important, as adults learn differently and are differently motivated than children. For example, are you familiar with Malcolm Knowles’ six principles of motivation related to adult learning? Flagship LMS instructional designers sure are!

Need assistance with your current platforms assessment engines? Analytics tools? Gamification features? Flagship LMS is available to assist you with the implementation and management of a wide range of LMS software. We have helped clients who were using platforms from Moodle, Saba, Cornerstone OnDemand, Litmos, Expertus, Topyx, and Blackboard. Most learning management systems have similar functionality, and our experts can help you get the best out of your software no matter which vendor’s name is attached to it.

No Matter The Size Of Your Organization, We Have a Training Solution That is Perfect For You.

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