Diamond Service

A closeup of a handshake

So what makes one LMS company different from another? The service before, during, and after implementation. And there is no LMS provider in the world that does it better than us.

If you spend any time at all in the e-learning community, you are going to hear the LMS horror stories, and they all follow the same plot line. A well-meaning but overworked training or HR department is tasked with finding a new LMS for the company. After a brief internet search and perhaps a few interviews, they are seduced by some company with a glitzy demo platform. Euphoric, they sign the multi-year contract and are given a whirlwind implementation that lasts two months and contains nine or ten hours of quickie admin training. After that they "go live", and that's when the euphoria ends and the headache begins. They soon find that the software is buggy, the technical support is slow, the reports the LMS generates are inaccurate, and the only response from the company is excuse after excuse after excuse.

We've been there before. In fact, we've worked for companies like that and seen the customer dissatisfaction first-hand. We know you deserve better.

So here's our promise to you: When you sign a contract with our company, our CEO will personally give you his cell phone number. If at any time day or night you feel that the team supporting you is not doing their job or that you are not getting the level of service that you paid for, call that number. Our CEO will see to it himself that your problem is resolved immediately. Here's the bottom line: we're not interested in selling you a learning management system just so we can make a buck. We genuinely want your organization to have the best training program possible, and we are all-in to help you do that. We've been on your side of the implementation many times, and it is our two-fold mission to give you a problem-free LMS and to treat you now exactly the way we wanted to be treated then.

Last modified: Wednesday, 27 December 2017, 3:11 PM